March 20th

20March  Otis here!  Sorry I have not written recently. One of Mummy’s relations died and she has been upset.

I have two pieces of news for you.  Firstly, I am going to the Vet today to have “the” operation – I am a bit nervous but Slip says it will be OK and it is much worse for girls than for boys.

Now my BIG news!  I maybe in a film on television! A researcher from a film company telephoned Mummy and said they were making a document about aggression in cats. Mummy told her that I was nasty sometimes and bit and scratched. Mummy emailed some photos of me and they are VERY interested. Think what this could mean – parts in films, my name in lights, books, perhaps even a star  saying OTIS in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA.  I shall be on chat shows, I will have a fan club, tea towels will bear my name…the possibilities are endless.  Slip says I am getting carried away but she is just jealous. I will keep you up to date with all developments.

Now I must pack my bag ready for the trip to the Vet – little do they know they will be treating a future star!

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March 10th

Oh my!!  I am in trouble again!  Today I learned how to turn the bathroom basin tap on. Mummy was pushing that horrid machine that sucks things up about and so I went into the bathroom for some peace.  I pushed on the tap handle and water came!  Unfortunately I also knocked the soap dispenser into the basin along with a face cloth.  I had a wonderful time patting the water but I realised that it was not running away – the basin was getting fuller and fuller by the minute.  There was far too much for me to drink. Mummy came to see what I was up to and was angry. She said I could have flooded the whole house and caused lots of damage.  And it is lucky that our water usage is not metered as I had wasted a lot!


Mummy took this photo before the flood incident – you can see the soap dispenser that I knocked down!

Now it is tea time – Slip and I are both having trout – yummy!

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March 7th

Oh dear!  I seem to have blotted my copy book or, rather, the office carpet.  I was dying for a wee and was on my way back to my litter box when I observed a large wicker basket in Mummy’s office. Ah ha!  A second toilet for me. It was filled with paper – not my usual wood chip litter which I did think was odd. Buy, hey ho, when you gotta go, you gotta go! I crouched down….oooooh! the relief!

Some minutes later Mummy came along…….she saw a wet patch where my wee had seeped through the wicker floor of this basket. She was very cross and said it is a waste paper basket – not a litter tray.  She has now scrubbed the basket and carpet with detergent.

Mummy and Daddy are going out to eat tonight and Slip goes too. I shall be left alone in my pen. I am nearly strong enough to push the roof of it open now. I do not mind being left as they leave the television on – I like tennis and football!!


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March 6th

Otis here again!

Today we had the curious incident of the laundry basket!  I had observed a large wicker basket in the bathroom – excellent for claw sharpening. I am not allowed in the bathroom unsupervised but Mummy left the door open today and so I went  in.

After a good claw sharpen, I jumped up onto the lid of the laundry basket and it somehow flipped over and pushed me into the basket and fell over the top so that I was shut in. After inspecting the contents ( some rather smelly socks and two face towels ) I tried to climb out. I could not push the lid up and, to make matters worse, Daddy had seen the door to the bathroom was open and had shut it. I was trapped!

To my horror, I heard Daddy ask Mummy if she was ready to go…..they were going out! As luck would have it, she said she needed to use the bathroom first. She came in and I cried out and she rescued me. She smuggled me out under her coat and quickly put me in my pen so that Daddy did not know that she had left the door open and that I had penetrated the bathroom. He is none the wiser!!

I am on a sort of hunger strike. I observed that most of my food comes out of little metal cans whereas Slip’s is cooked from whole animals. I refused to eat my breakfast today and see some chicken fillets in a box were amongst Mummy’s shopping this morning – I rather think they are for me!

Now it is time to play some football – Mummy throws the ball and I bring it back!

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March 4th


Good afternoon from Otis!  I thought you would like to see the glitter in my coat. Mummy says I have more glitter than Jackson. I am turning into a very handsome cat!

Today we had the sausage episode….not the high point of the day. Mummy came back from shopping and went to make a telephone call. I could not resist peeping into her shopping bag. I found a pack of pink things – they looked rather like people’s fingers and smelt wonderful.  I managed to hook the pack out of the basket and took them into the bathroom. I ripped the paper off and ate two of them before I was discovered!  Needless to say, I was in trouble and , to make matters worse, I now have a pain in my tummy. These sausages were for Slip’s dinner – now she only has 6 as I have eaten 2 and so she is cross with me too!

It will soon be dinner time but I am not hungry! Think I will have a snooze!

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March 3rd


Otis reporting back!  More trouble today. I jumped onto the table and my claw got caught into the lace of the table cloth and I pulled the whole thing off the table. There were loads of things on the table – pens, batteries, a stapler, tape, packs of wool, needles, papers and goodness knows what else.  They all fell off with an almighty crash and Mummy came running and was cross with me.  I know I am not supposed to sit on the table but I want to!

I had my first kill yesterday!  A spider ran across the floor and I caught and ate it – it was not very nice, rather bitter to be honest.

I observed a strange machine in the kitchen.It seems to fill up with water and make lots of bubbles and the things inside go round and round. It is fun to watch and I did try to catch the things but there is a glass door that prevent me from putting my paw in. I must see if I can work out how to open it. It does have one rather scary manoeuvre where it suddenly gets up speed and whizzes round making a loud noise. I backed off a bit when it did that!

Dinner time very soon – I am having venison fillets with salmon beer!

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March 1st


Otis here! It is very windy today and, as you can see from the photo, I have been watching the leaves blowing by.

I was in trouble again last night. I climbed up the back of Mummy’s arm chair and onto the table where her lamp is. I caught my foot in the flex and it fell over. Daddy was very cross and said I could have set fire to the whole house. I kept a low profile after that!

Apparently I am going to stay at Timbers Cattery in May when Mummy and Daddy go to Scotland. I am rather worried about this as Slip says I shall be confined to a cell. She is going to Scotland and has been showing me her kilt and fishing clothes. I don’t have any clothes at all. I would like a knitted coat with matching hat to wear at Timbers – maybe Mummy will make one for me.

I have observed a rather interesting piece of furniture in the office. It has drawers that slide out and seem to have lots of things hanging in them. There are papers in these hanging things. I am just waiting for a chance to explore further.

Time for lunch – I am having tuna washed down with mouse blood cordial!

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